Preconference Workshops
Tuesday, February 27, 2024

8:00 am Registration and Morning Coffee

9:30 - 12:00pm Workshop A

Uncovering the Big Question: Should You Build Your Own Registry from Scratch or Should You Aggregate Data From Other Sources To Set One Up?

As real world evidence continues to boom into a mainstay for biopharma, the impact of the constraints to access data sources is more however profound than ever. Finding and engaging existing registries that are suitable for your study can be challenging and expensive. There is a need to design and curate your own registry to ensure all requirements are met for your study, however, this can take time and also be expensive.


Hear from key leaders on how you can:

  • Engage the right stakeholders and develop collaborative relationships with each
  • Collect the right quantity of data and ensure data integrity in a cost-effective and
    time-efficient way
  • Ensure data harmonisation and linkage from multiple data sources

Workshop Leaders

Erwin Bruninx Pfizer

Erwin Bruninx
Senior Medical Advisor RWE


Abaigeal Jackson Pfizer

Abaigeal Jackson
Medical Affairs Scientist & Real World Evidence


13:00 - 16:00pm Workshop B

Empowering Clinical Decision-Making Processes by Leveraging Model-Based Synthetic Control Arms

In response to budget constraints, pharmaceutical companies are exploring innovative strategies to optimize their product development processes. One promising approach involves the use of single-arm trials with synthetic control arms, a cost-effective alternative to traditional randomized controlled trials. By harnessing robust real-world evidence, this approach not only reduces costs but also accelerates decision-making in drug development, offering a streamlined and efficient clinical trial framework. Your peers will share their experiences and perspectives around this approach, through an interactive fireside chat and mastermind session to get you thinking about the promise of synthetic control arms.


Join this Interactive Session to learn how to:

  • The best way forward when considering leveraging external control arms in your
  • How to harness real world evidence and previous clinical trial data efficiently
  • Future considerations in evidence-based decision-making

Workshop Leaders

Lene Hammer-Helmich Lundbeck

Lene Hammer Helmich
Director, Head of RWE & Epidemiology


Josie Wolfram
Senior Director, Real World Data Science